Legal Representation in Child Custody/Protection Cases

Domingo DeGrazia is an attorney licensed in Arizona.  Mr. DeGrazia handles trials and appeals of case filed by Child Protective Services (CPS)/Department of Child Services (DCS), as well privately filed cases.  The cases involve Dependency, Termination of Parental Rights cases, Guardianship cases, and juvenile delinquency.  In general, Arizona Dependency cases include the following types of hearings: Preliminary Protective Hearings; Temporary Custody Hearings; Dependency Trials; Placement Hearings; Visitation Hearings; Permanency Hearings; Termination of Parental Rights Proceedings; Initial Hearings on Petitions for Severance; Severance of Parental Rights Trials; Guardianship Trials and juvenile delinquency trials. 

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