CPS / DCS Dependency Defense


Domingo DeGrazia is an Arizona attorney representing parents and children in cases involving Department of Child Safety / Child Protective Services.  The cases included Dependency, Termination of parental rights, Guardianship, and appeals. While many cases are filed by the Department of Child Safety / Child Protective Services, Mr. DeGrazia represents clients in privately filed Dependency, severance / Termination of Parental Rights and Guardianship cases.

In general, Arizona Dependency cases include the following types of hearings:
Preliminary Protective Hearings
Temporary Custody Hearings
Dependency Trials
Placement Hearings
Visitation Hearings
Permanency Hearings
Custody Hearings
Termination of Parental Rights Proceedings
Initial Hearings on Petitions for Severance
Severance of Parental Rights Trials
Guardianship Trials


Juvenile Criminal Defense

Domingo DeGrazia also handles Juvenile Criminal Defense cases in both felony and misdemeanor charges. Such cases normally involve Trial Reviews, Trials, Disposition/Sentencing hearing, Juvenile Intensive Probation Supervision Reviews, and sometimes Probabtion Revocation Hearings.

The information on this website is intended to be informational only and does not establish an attorney/client relationship, nor is it meant to be legal advice for a specific matter. Please do not email or fax information without first speaking to or meeting with Mr. DeGrazia because the information may not be kept confidential nor will it establish an attorney/client relationship.

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